Nature In the Classroom


At A Cut Above Forestry, we believe that you’re never too young to start getting involved with nature. In an effort to educate our youth about our natural resources, we send certified arborists into classrooms in Eagle and Summit Counties to teach our children about the importance of caring for trees and plants. Our goal: a stronger, more sustainable future.

Fun Tree Facts


Fun tree facts

They might be quiet, but trees are pretty impressive!   Check this out:

•    Think you’re big?  One of the tallest soft wood trees is a giant redwood sequoia in California named General Sherman.  He is about 275 feet high with a diameter of 25 feet.  Sherman is no lightweight either, he weighs 1,400 tons — as much as 300 elephants!
•    There’s a reason trees seem so wise; some of them have been here forever!  Bristlecone pines have the reputation of being the world’s oldest trees, the oldest of which is roughly 4,600 years old.
•    Two trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four, which is about 520 pounds of oxygen a year.  If oxygen wasn’t so light, that would be a pretty heavy task.
•    Trees that cover a building can make the places they shade up to 20 degrees cooler.  Next time you think about turning up to A/C, think about finding a tree first!
•    A large tree can suck up over a ton of water each day from the soil, which is the same as drinking 4,000 cups of water each day!

Now that you know all of the cool things that trees do, next time you’re outside take a moment to thank a tree.  They help absorb noise pollution and filter harmful chemicals out of the air.